Certifications Required by New York State

Five separate certifications must be completed in order to graduate.

NYS-Approved First Aid and Adult CPR

These cannot be taken online. New York State is very particular about its required First Aid/CPR certifications. Check the accepted First Aid/CPR course list for New York State before registering for a course. That list is emailed to every coaching minor student every semester.

Every semester, EPIC Trainings hosts the NYS-approved First Aid/CPR courses at the Sweden/Clarkson Community Center. If you take first aid and CPR through EPIC Trainings, a mandatory online portion MUST be completed at 48, prior to the in-person session.

Please note: The coaching elective PEP 379 (Care and Prevention for Teachers/Coaches) only fulfills first aid certification, not CPR.

Child Abuse Reporting

Choose one of the two below websites.

SAVE (Anti-violence)

Choose one of the two below sites.

DASA Anti-Bullying

Harassment and Bullying Prevention Certification Training Registration