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How to Apply

Each year the KSSPE Awards Committee reviews applications of all students who may be eligible for Departmental Awards. If you are interested in applying for an award, you must qualify by obtaining an overall minimum GPA of a 3.0 by December 31 of the current academic year.

In order to apply for these scholarships and awards please complete the Academic Works application on the Academic Works website. If you are new to applying click on “sign up” after you click on the Academic Works website or if you are returning, click on “sign in.” Both are located on the upper right hand side of the page. Application deadline is February 15.

If you have any questions, contact Susan Wielgosz.

Recent Award Winners


School of EHHS Outstanding Graduate Student Scholar Nominee

  • Coby Albone

School of EHHS Outstanding Undergraduate Student Scholar

  • Josephine Walsh

KSSPE Departmental Scholars

  • Leah Bisgrove (Exercise Science)
  • Sabastian Rodriguez (Kinesiology)
  • Gregory Caryk (Physical Education Teacher Education)
  • Gabrielle Gare (Sport Management)

AKA Masters Scholar Award

  • Coby Albone

AKA Undergraduate Scholar Award

  • Emma Wisniewski

Wilbur H. Adriance Scholarship

  • Rogan Bonner

Ted Bondi Memorial Scholarship

  • Hayden Woodroe

Eugene C. Fish Scholarship

  • Nathan Roehrig

Ruth A. Garis Scholarship

  • Connor Hicks

Edward Matejkovic Sport Management Scholarship

  • Michael Wielgosz

Anna A. McGinnis Award

  • Kevin Blanchet

Merrill J. Melnick KSSPE Scholarship

  • Hayden Banks, Emily Justa

Tom & Jinny Hulshoff Mulvey PE Scholarship

  • Connor Smith

Eugene F. Orbaker Scholarship for Teacher Ed in Physical Education

  • Joseph Schottmiller

Ray & Gigi Scharf Scholarship

  • Corinne Wilson

Evelyn L. Schurr Scholarship

  • Maren Lutz

William F. Stier Jr. Undergraduate Sport Management Scholarship

  • Elliot Berger

Carol A. Susswein Memorial Award

  • Abigail Ehlers

Donald M. Tower Award

  • Jaclyn Stickney

Clark V. Whited Scholarship

  • Lauren Blair
  • Kevin Blanchet
  • Emily Justa
  • Marco Troiano

Clark V. Whited /JP Morgan Chase Scholarship

  • Kaylie Isereau
  • Zoe Zutes

Clark V. Whited Scholarship

  • Russell Bonacchi
  • Donald Hill Jr.
  • Julia Quinlan

Joseph P. Winnick Adapted Physical Education Scholarship

  • Chloe Peer

Class of 1952 Scholarship

  • Ellie Ford

Class of 1953 Scholarship

  • Sarah Gustin
  • Ryan Konko

Class of 1961 Scholarship

  • Cole Pennella

Class of 1962 Scholarship

  • Kelsey Zehr

Previous Award Winners