In accordance with the SUNY policies, health insurance is mandatory for all international students and scholars enrolled at SUNY campuses. United Healthcare is the designated claims administrator for the SUNY-mandated policy.

International students who have F-1 and J-1 student visa categories and other non-immigrant visa categories are required to enroll in the SUNY-mandated policy. International scholars with J-1 exchange/visitor, researcher, and professor visa categories are also required to enroll in the policy but are exempt if enrolled in the graduate assistant policy.

Assessment of Insurance Premium

F-1 Visa Holders ― The insurance premium will be added to students’ accounts. The premium will be assessed on a semester basis. Spring charges will include the summer premium, so students are covered throughout the entire year. (Students graduating in the spring will not be assessed the summer premium).

  • What if I will be returning to my home country for the summer? You may request to waive the summer premium, if you do not intend to be in the US for the entire summer. Please complete the Summer Health Insurance Waiver request by March 15th.

J-1 Visa Holders ―  Visiting scholars (professor, researcher, student interns) will be assessed a premium tailored to their program dates. ISS will provide you with instructions on how to pay the premium upon arrival to Brockport.

OPT Students ― You are required to have insurance coverage while on OPT. Your employer may offer you the coverage or you may choose to purchase it through SUNY. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are covered. To request coverage, please complete the OPT Request Form.

Waiver of Medical Insurance

Students may submit a waiver request to SUNY, if they show proof of comparable major medical coverage. Students should contact the International Student Services at or (585) 395-5466 for more details on this process.

Dependent Coverage

Dependents (up to age 19 years) of all covered persons may purchase this Plan. Dependent coverage is voluntary and enrollment must be made directly to United Healthcare within 31 days of the date that the dependent becomes eligible (i.e., the date that a person enters the country on a dependent’s visa, marries an eligible person, or date of birth for newborn dependents) for coverage under this plan. Please contact International Student Services at (585) 395 5466 for additional information regarding dependent enrollment and coverage.