Overview & Purpose

The Faculty Ambassador Program aims to promote global engagement and international recruitment efforts at SUNY Brockport by complementing existing international travel plans of selected faculty to host or attend international events on behalf of the university.

Through the program, faculty ambassadors will have the chance to share their experiences and expertise with prospective students, parents, and international partners.

Program Activities & Responsibilities

Faculty ambassadors may participate in a range of activities, including:

  • Representing SUNY Brockport at international events, such as recruitment fairs, information sessions, and meetings with international partners.
  • Serving as a resource and mentor for other faculty members interested in becoming Faculty Ambassadors.
  • Faculty ambassadors will also be expected to attend a meeting and training session, and to maintain regular communication with the Center for Global Education and Engagement (CGEE).
  • CGEE will be responsible for organizing visits with international partners and serving as a liaison between the faculty ambassadors and its international partners.

Selection & Eligibility

Those who are interested in participating should email Keith Davis (kdavis@brockport.edu) at least 8 weeks before the travel dates. Please include the following details about your trip:

  • Location (country, city)
  • Dates and time slots available to participate in the program.
  • Purpose of visit (e.g., conference attendance, guest lecturing, home visit etc.)

Faculty members from all disciplines and departments are encouraged to apply.

Benefits & Support

Faculty ambassadors will receive support from the CGEE, which may include:

  • Funding for travel and other expenses related to program activities.
  • Professional development opportunities, such as training in cross-cultural communication, and tips on talking to prospective international students.
  • Access to resources and networks to support their activities and initiatives.

The Faculty Ambassador Program at SUNY Brockport provides a valuable opportunity for faculty members to contribute to the university’s international recruitment initiatives. Faculty ambassadors also help to promote a more inclusive and interconnected campus community, and to prepare students for success in an increasingly globalized world.