Setting up teaball

2019 Events

All of our events for the 2019 calendar year can be found below. For a list of our upcoming Camp Abilities events and how to register, check out our events webpage.

January 27

Braille Challenge Batavia School for the Blind

February 1

Train the Trainers NABA Albany, NY

February 22

Mini Camp Abilities at Brockport

April 1

Train the Trainers workshop Olmstead Center Buffalo, NY

April 10

Workshop in Tampa Florida as part of The Society for Health and Physical Education (SHAPE America) National Conference

May 9–12

Dr. Lieberman, Dr. Beach and Dr. Perreault are coordinated the International Symposium on Physical Activity and Visual Impairment or Deafblindness in Edinburgh, Scotland through the Scottish Sensory Center.

May 30–June 2

Kosher Camp Abilities: A Camp Abilities for children and teens with visual impairments of Jewish descent

June 14–18

International Symposium on Adapted Physical Activity Charlottesville, VA

June 30–July 6

Camp Abilities Brockport

November 12

Mini Camp Abilities at Brockport