The Honors Thesis project is the capstone learning experience of the Honors College.

Students may design a thesis project that fits with their post-graduation goals, providing exceptional preparation and credentials for admission to graduate school and launching a career.

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Senior Thesis

A thesis is a unique scholarly or creative project that is completed under the guidance of a professor in a student’s chosen academic major or a related area. The culminating product can take numerous forms, including, but limited to:

  • Research papers
  • Visual art
  • Performances
  • Documentary films
  • Software
  • Business plans

The nature of the project depends upon the conventions of the particular academic discipline and the individual student’s interests or goals. All thesis projects involve a written work (e.g. a work of choreography is accompanied by a paper explaining the artist’s creative choices) and a formal presentation.


Honors students present their thesis at Scholars Day or at another academic forum (e.g., National Undergraduate Conference for Undergraduate Research, SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference, Summer Undergraduate Research Program, or specialized academic conferences). For select academic majors that require a senior thesis, completion of the Honors Thesis usually satisfies both the academic major and Honors requirement. Samples of past Honors theses are available for viewing in the SUNY Open Access Repository (SOAR).