Course Contract

Use this form to contract a non-Honors course to fulfill an Honors lower-division General Education or upper-division Honors Contemporary Issues requirement. Students should discuss the possibility of contracting a course with the instructor prior to submitting this form, as the student needs to 1) ask the instructor if it is possible to contract the course and 2) develop a project in consultation with the instructor. A short reflection paper must be submitted by the last day of regular instruction and a maximum of one contract is allowed.

Thesis Project Registration

Any Honors student enrolling in HON 490, Sr. Honors Thesis (or an approved departmental major substitution) must submit an Honors Thesis Registration AND a 4-5 page thesis project proposal that includes an explanation of:

  1. Larger context of the thesis project as it pertains to your academic field, the importance of the issue or problem, the current state of research on the subject, and/or the rationale for the project.
  2. Anticipated thesis statement, central idea, creative concept, and/or major questions to be explored.
  3. Methodology and/or guiding theoretical, critical, or creative framework.
  4. Expected scope and form of the final product (e.g., a 30-35 page research paper, a 10-minute documentary film accompanied by a 15-page paper, a choreographed dance performance accompanied by a 10-15 page paper, etc.).
  5. Timetable for completion—quantify this as clearly as possible by factoring in the amount of work already completed; the chronology of thesis tasks that must be accomplished; the hours or work needed to analyze and compile data or produce the creative work; and the anticipated completion date. The timetable should also indicate presentation of the thesis at Scholars Day (annually scheduled in the month of April) or another academic forum approved by the Honors Director.

Engaged Learning Experience 

A requirement for any Honors student who was admitted as a first-year student, the Honors Engaged Learning Experience is meant to enrich the student’s undergraduate education by extending their learning inside and/or outside the traditional classroom setting. SUNY Brockport offers a variety of courses that foster intellectual growth through student-driven and/or experiential learning. Honors students may meet this requirement by participating in a 3-credit (or non-credit equivalent – approximately 36 hours) experience. A student may utilize more than one course or semester to obtain a total of 3 engaged learning credits (or a combination of credit and non-credit bearing experiences). The proposed course should be integrated into a student’s academic and/or professional goals, but the Sr. Honors Thesis (HON 490 or substitution) may not be used to meet the Honors Engaged Learning Experience requirement,

  • Credit-bearing Course ELE Registration Form – Complete this form if you are using a credit-bearing course to satisfy your ELE requirement.
  • Non-credit Bearing Activity ELE Petition Form – Use this form if you are petitioning to use a non-credit bearing activity, i.e., Brockport Foundation Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP), Leadership Development Program (Gold Certificate or higher), internship, community service, leadership position. Supervisor approval required.
  • ELE Completion Verification Form – This form, along with a short reflection paper, must be submitted at the conclusion of the ELE course/activity. If a non-credit bearing activity was petitioned, the completion verification also requires supervisor approval. Select the appropriate completion verification form for the type of ELE you registered/petitioned (either credit-bearing or non-credit bearing). 

Deadlines to submit forms and/or reflection papers

  • The second Friday of the fall semester.
  • The second Wednesday of the spring semester.
  • One week before the start of a WinterSession or SummerSession course.
  • Reflection papers for course contracts and ELEs are due by the last day of regular instruction.
  • Thesis manuscripts are due by the last day of the semester (finals week).

You will receive instructions for submission by email during the semester in which you enroll in an honors contract, engaged learning activity, or the thesis course.