What are the admissions requirements and process for joining the Honors College?

The Honors College admits first-year students (freshmen) and college sophomores/juniors (both transfers and current Brockport students). Accepted first-year students usually have a high school GPA of 94 or higher. (Although SAT or ACT scores are optional, and all applications receive full consideration whether or not those test scores are submitted, if you submit SAT or ACT scores, we will take them into consideration.) Accepted transfers and Brockport sophomores/juniors typically have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. They also should have at least two years of college course work remaining so that they have sufficient time to complete the Honors College graduation requirements.

Students interested in applying for admission into the Honors College should first submit the SUNY Application or Common Application for admission into SUNY Brockport and then complete the appropriate Honors College first-year student application or transfer and current Brockport student application. All Honors College applications are reviewed holistically, taking into consideration a student’s prior academic performance, record of co- and extra-curricular activities, and a personal essay.

Are Honors classes more difficult? Won’t being an Honors student bring down my GPA?

Piling on extra work or making classes harder has nothing to do with an Honors education, and Honors students perform the same or better in their Honors classes as students in non-honors sections. The mission of our program is to provide an enriched education. We do this by offering small, interactive courses (approximately 15-18 students) taught by distinguished faculty, as well as by facilitating experiential learning that enables students to work closely with faculty on scholarly or creative projects.

How large is Brockport’s Honors College and what kinds of fellow students can I expect to meet?

There are over 300 students enrolled in Brockport’s Honors College and their majors span the academic disciplines. Honors students represent diverse social identities, life experiences, co- and extra-curricular interests, and future goals. Although most of the students enrolled in our program are from New York, we also have students from other states and countries. Approximately one third of Honors students compete in varsity athletics. Others pursue leadership roles on or off campus, or are active in student government, peer mentoring, and residence hall activities. Some of our students are veterans or are raising a family. The things that Honors students have in common are a commitment to academic excellence and a drive to make the most of their college experience.

How does academic advisement work in the Honors College?

Honors students benefit from different forms of advisement. In addition to being assigned to a faculty advisor in their chosen academic major, whom they should meet with at least once per semester, Honors students receive academic advisement from the Honors College directors. First-year Honors students also receive advisement from their HON 112 “Intro. to Honors” instructor and peer mentors during the fall semester as part of the Academic Planning Seminar component of the course.

Do Honors students receive special perks?

Yes! In addition to opportunities to apply for scholarships such as the Prometheus Scholarship and Brockport Foundation awards, Honors students enjoy early course registration privileges. Regardless of class status, after meeting with a faculty advisor(s), Honors students may register on the first day of open registration each fall and spring semester. Honors students also enjoy exclusive use of the lounge and computer lab , located in 135 Albert W. Brown Building. The lounge provides spaces to study or hang out. Students can also reserve the Honors College conference room for meetings.

We think the Honors Peer Mentoring Program is another great perk! This student-led initiative enables Honors students to “learn the ropes” from peers, who have completed a leadership training program and may share the same academic major.

Lastly, throughout the academic year, Honors students receive notifications about opportunities to participate in conferences, connect with distinguished alumni, apply for research funding, and more.

I have never worked on a long research paper or major creative project. Will I really be able to complete an Honors Thesis?

Yes, and you will be supported all the way! The Honors Thesis (HON 490, 3 cr.) is an experience that students often recognize as the most valuable of their academic career. Each student chooses a topic based on his or her academic or professional interests and explores it in great depth, working one-on-one with a professor. Preparation for creating a thesis begins with taking “Thesis Practicum” (HON 395, 1 cr.), where students are guided through the process of planning their thesis. The end product makes a meaningful contribution not only to each student’s professional development but also to his or her field of study. Depending on the nature and quality of the final product, an undergraduate thesis may be submitted for publication or establish the foundation for launching a career. Samples of past Honors theses are available for viewing in the SUNY Open Access Repository.

Are there specific requirements for staying in the Honors College as well as renewing scholarships?

All Honor students are expected maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA to remain active in the Honors College. Participation in the program does not require students to complete a specific amount of credits per year or to live on campus; however, recipients of the Prometheus Scholarship must meet the Terms of Award, which includes a minimum 24 credits per academic year requirement and on-campus residency. Since each scholarship has different requirements, it is a good idea to consult with the appropriate office. For information about the Prometheus Scholarship, contact Deidre Strutz, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, at dstrutz@brockport.edu. For Brockport Foundation scholarships, contact scholarships@brockport.edu.

Can I graduate early if I am an Honors student?

Yes, if you wish to. Because many Honors students enter with community college transfer or high school AP credits, it is often easy for them to graduate early. However, most students in Honors prefer to stay in college for the typical four years to broaden or deepen their academic preparation — for example, by completing a second major, a minor, a semester abroad, an internship, a teacher certification program, and so forth. Others choose to pursue one of Brockport’s dual-degree diploma programs that combine undergraduate and graduate study, completing a bachelor’s and master’s degree in just five years.