Study Abroad in Maynooth, Ireland

This program is open to all juniors and seniors with a GPA of 3.0 or greater. Students will spend a semester studying at 200-year-old Maynooth University, which is located only 15 miles from Dublin. Students may choose from a wide variety of courses while there, including European history, English and Irish literature, classical Greek and Rome, and geography. Financial aid and scholarships are available, and on-campus housing will be provided. Questions may be directed to Dr. John Daly through email or phone at (585) 395-5685 and applications may be picked up at the Office of International Education in Morgan Hall.

Ireland is extremely tourist- and student-friendly. It offers a great opportunity to experience a different culture and have proximity to exploring Europe without the challenge of having to function in a foreign language. Dublin in particular is a big city with a small-town feel, and has much to offer while still being very safe. You can really get to know the city on foot and using public transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What classes can I take at Maynooth in the field of History? (besides what is stated above)

Students may register for classes in Celtic Studies, anthropology, and other fields at Maynooth that don’t have graduate or prerequisite restrictions.

What can I do or see in Ireland through the program?

Students live on the Maynooth campus, which connects via light rail to Dublin in just 45 minutes, so they can both explore Maynooth and its neighboring towns, as well as having easy access to all the cultural and social opportunities that Dublin has to offer. From Dublin, students may reach destinations all over Ireland and Europe; Ireland is extremely well-organized for tourists, with package tours departing regularly from Dublin to important historical and cultural sites, as well as inexpensive flights to Europe and beyond.

What are past students who went to Ireland doing with their study abroad experience? How were their experiences at Maynooth helpful in their career paths?

One student who spent a semester at Maynooth returned to work in the public history field as an assistant at the historical cemetery of Glasnevin. Another graduate of the summer program, and a minor in public history, worked at the Adirondack Museum and is now working in the Rochester area developing and fundraising with an emphasis on social media. Several students who studied at Maynooth for the summer or semester returned to Ireland or the UK to complete MA programs.

Who to Contact?

For more information or to apply to the program, visit our Study Abroad Office’s Maynooth program page. More information is also available at Maynooth University’s Office of International Education websiteand this gallery of stunning photographs and videos from the campus. For questions not available on the web, contact our Study Abroad office at