Aging & Addiction in America: Review of Evidence & Recommendations

The Department of Healthcare Studies at SUNY Brockport is hosting a Fall 2022 Professional Development Webinar, Aging and Addiction in America: Review of Evidence and Recommendations.

Dr. Afeez A. Hazzan
Wednesday, September 14, 2022
8:30  – 9:30 am

*This complimentary virtual learning opportunity requires pre-registration.

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Program Description

Like many advanced economies, the United States is experiencing rapid population aging. The “baby boomer” generation is already having an effect on the healthcare industry and their impact is expected to be more important as the century progresses. Although there are many benefits associated with living till old age, there are significant challenges as well. These include higher prevalence of chronic illnesses like dementia as well as issues of addiction and substance abuse. These issues have been exacerbated since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

The current presentation is designed to educate the audience about the trends and challenges associated with getting older in the United States, with an emphasis on the issue of addiction among the elderly population. The audience will be introduced to current research evidence on aging, addiction, substance abuse, as well as related challenges. Further, the inter-relationships between these variables will be critically examined, including implications for healthcare services. Recommendations for addressing the challenges posed will also be reviewed.

Learning Objectives

  • Learning Objective #1: Attendees will be able to examine trends in aging populations, both in the United States and globally
  • Learning Objective #2: Attendees will be able to review some evidence regarding addiction and substance abuse among the elderly (adults over the age of 60) population in the United States
  • Learning Objective #3: Attendees will be able to develop knowledge on recommendations for addressing issues of addiction among the elderly population

Who Should Attend?

Healthcare professionals, students, and anyone interested in aging and addiction issues.


Dr. Afeez A. Hazzan is a faculty member in the Department of Healthcare Studies at SUNY Brockport. An expert in aging, health disparities, and family caregiving. He has more than 14 years of relevant research experience and has published extensively on these topics.

Dr. Hazzan has led several caregiver interventions studies that involve older adults, family caregivers, family caregiver-serving organizations, professional care providers, creative artists, and community leaders. Also, he collaborates on national and international studies aiming to improve the quality of life of older adults living with chronic conditions as well as their family caregivers.

Dr. Hazzan’s research has been published in prestigious journals such as PLoS One, Systematic Reviews, Implementation Science, the Canadian Geriatrics Journal, BMC Nursing, BMC Geriatrics, and Gerontology & Geriatrics Education. He regularly presents his research findings at national and international conferences related to older adult populations, aging, and family caregiving.


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