The Department of Healthcare Studies, SUNY Brockport

Provides undergraduate programs that build upon a liberal arts foundation and are designed to produce quality learning outcomes to support student success via the following foundations:

  • critical and creative thinking skills and applications of technology,
  • competence in professional fields,
  • an understanding of global interdependence and cultural diversity,
  • the ability to work cooperatively with others, and
  • a commitment to the ethics and standards of a profession.

Ensures that its programs are responsive to professional and societal needs by:

  • engaging in outcomes assessments,
  • seeking and maintaining appropriate accreditation,
  • utilizing community advisory boards.

Contributes to the improvement of professional practice and the betterment of society by:

  • providing accessible in-service educational opportunities for practicing professionals, and
  • supporting faculty and student involvement in research, practice, and service to clients, the community and professional organizations.

Healthcare Studies at SUNY Brockport

The mission of the Department of Healthcare Studies is to prepare individuals for roles in the healthcare field, with the ultimate goal that graduates will provide and support culturally-competent and evidence-based healthcare that improves the lives of patients, their families, and the community. Each program within the department has a curriculum that is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, abilities, and values required to succeed in the profession or area of healthcare that it serves. Each program emphasizes the development of competencies and professional skills that are outlined by the accrediting and/or governing bodies for each profession and that prepare graduates for early career positions and/or graduate education. Further, the programs prepare alumni to hold positions of increasing responsibility during their careers.

We offer a concentration in alcohol and substance abuse studies designed to meet the educational requirements for the Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) certification in New York State and a concentration in health care administration.