Institutional Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee


Co-Chair: Dr. Donna Wilkerson-Barker
Co-Chair: Dr. Sandeep Mitra

Committee Charge

Develop and propose an assessment plan and schedule for the ISLOs that aligns with the University’s existing Institutional Assessment Plan.

Elements of the plan should address how to:

  • Identify, implement, or develop means of collecting and analyzing data
  • Identify a structure for communicating ISLO assessment results to the University community
  • Encourage units across the institution to articulate operational goals related to the ISLOs
  • Establish regular ISLO assessment processes, analyze and publish results, and provide those results to budgetary and programmatic decision-makers

Committee Structure

Members of the committee represent various departments across the schools and administrative units of the University, selected on the basis of their experience with accreditation, general education assessment, or work as administrators.

The ISLOAC is conducting a pilot assessment of ISLO 1, Oral Communication in fall 2019.