Brockport’s General Education Program (GEP) is designed to help students become more successful in their majors, careers, and communities. GEP courses focus on providing foundations for a life-time of learning and personal growth.

Ready for a Changing Economy

The economy of the 21st century demands life-long learning. Brockport’s General Education Program emphasizes the knowledge and abilities to thrive in this environment.

  • Hone the ability to do critical and creative thinking.
  • Enhance communication, information literacy, and quantitative skills.
  • Practice alternative modes of inquiry and expression.
  • Cultivate a broad knowledge base for future learning.
  • Integrate learning to solve complex problems.

Engaged in the World

More interconnected than ever, our world faces a wide range of challenges and opportunities. The General Education Program encourages students to engage problems and work with others to solve them.

  • Reflect on one’s place in the world and on our responsibilities to others.
  • Evaluate evidence and reach informed positions on the issues you care about.
  • Appreciate the richness of human diversity, creativity, and cultural difference.
  • Explore ethical issues and weigh alternative perspectives.
  • Learn about how people make a difference in the lives of others.

Confident in Yourself

To face this rapidly changing world, the General Education Program focuses on self-discovery to help students chart their own course.

  • Discover abilities, passions, strengths, and potential for growth.
  • Find your voice and express yourself with confidence.
  • Identify opportunities to grow as a person and take calculated risks.
  • Take ownership of your learning to realize your own goals.