General education assessment is a process that measures the effectiveness of our General Education program through the systematic collection and evaluation of information about student learning.

Why General Education Assessment is Important?

  • Provides a way to demonstrate our level of success in general education.
  • Allows us to effectively analyze the strengths and weaknesses of our general education program.
  • Informs decisions concerning the improvement of our general education program.
  • Enables us to better meet our students’ educational needs.

General Education Assessment Committee


The General Education Assessment Committee was formed in November, 2014 to address the following:

  • Ensure that General Education Assessment at SUNY Brockport, is comprehensive and systematic.
  • Formulate sustainable General Education Assessment plans for the University.
  • Ensure a clear connection or flow between the University’s General Education Assessment plan and the accreditation standards for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Committee Charge

“The General Education Committee at SUNY Brockport will review the general education assessment plans, results and action plans from a university wide perspective and maintain appropriate inter-university relations with regard to general education assessment matters.”

Mission & Goals

The mission of the General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC) is to provide leadership and support for the meaningful and sustainable assessment of Brockport’s general education program in order to promote student and institutional success.

In order to achieve this mission, we focus on the following goals:

  • Systematically and efficiently collect relevant student learning data.
  • Engage in the analysis of data collected through the assessment process in order to improve our general education program.
  • Support faculty in their efforts to develop better strategies to meet our general education program’s student learning goals .
  • Provide a central site for data, reports, and other materials related to general education assessment.
  • Effectively communicate our procedures and findings to the campus community and outside accrediting agencies.
  • Develop and continually reassess plans for general education assessment.
  • Support the development of effective and sustainable assessment procedures.

General Education Assessment Plan

The General Education Assessment Plan was written and submitted to Provost Dr. Katy Heyning by the General Education Assessment Committee. The GEA Plan was created to reflect the research and information gathered by the committee on campus-wide General Education Assessment practices, cycles and guidelines. This assessment schedule covers the academic years between 2020-2024.

Structure of the Committee

A Quality General Education program at Brockport is delivered through the following:

  • Vice Provost’s Office
    • Ensuring Delivery and Access for Students, Scheduling for General.
  • Senate General Education Committee
    • Ensuring fidelity to the curriculum.
  • General Education Assessment Committee
    • Disseminate data for continuous improvement.


For information regarding General Education Assessment Committee membership, please contact:

Frances Dearing
Director of Assessment (Committee Co-Chair)
The Office of Accountability and Assessment

Donna Wilkerson-Barker
Associate Professor of French (Committee Co-chair)
Modern Languages & Cultures