SUNY Brockport teacher candidates are carefully selected and admitted into a teacher certification program through a competitive selection process. A team of faculty and staff carefully review each application and make offers of program acceptance to those most qualified.

The teacher candidate must submit the following during the semester prior to their field experience placement:

  • Field Experience Application
  • Resume
  • Course registration
  • Availability form

In all field experiences and student teaching placements, teacher candidates have the responsibility to demonstrate developing skills and dispositions required of teachers. Developing skills will be evaluated on the final assessment of the field experience.


Candidate responsibilities for field experience vary based on the site and level of the field experience. Minimally, each candidate must observe and lead at least one learning experience or lesson. In tutoring programs such as AVID, candidates observe, tutor, and instruct students individually and in group settings. Additionally, all teacher candidates must have the opportunity to observe and participate in a classroom setting with a teacher certified in the content area or in students with disabilities.

The college supervisor will communicate specific field experience requirements at the beginning of the semester and contact the school-based teacher educator (SBTE) throughout the semester to maintain communication regarding the experience. Time logs will be provided to the candidate and need to be signed by the SBTE to verify attendance. Additional time logs can be found on our forms webpage.
It is expected that a teacher candidate will be at a developing or proficient skill level in the early field experiences. It is important for school-based teacher educators to recall their early experiences in a classroom and reflect on how their skills have developed over time. A veteran teacher often performs tasks without thinking of the “micro-steps” involved in each task. Teacher candidates often need time to develop these micro-steps and incorporate them into their teaching.

Teacher candidates should be familiar with and embody the six Teacher Candidate Dispositions:

  • Positive Outlook
  • Intellectual Integrity
  • Respect
  • Self-Awareness
  • Dedication
  • Professionalism