Please Note: Our students are expected to take on their roles and responsibilities as a teacher candidate professionally as they are representing SUNY Brockport. Find out what the SBTE expects of their teacher candidates during their field experience. 

Teacher candidates in SUNY Brockport’s education program can choose to apply for student teaching in New York City through SUTEC.

This program provides the teacher candidate with an opportunity to experience student teaching in one of New York City’s public schools. The SUTEC program works closely with the home campus, while facilitating orientation, placements, college supervisors, and seminar groups in the city. For more information and an application, visit the SUTEC website.

Teacher candidates interested in applying for student teaching through SUTEC must follow the standard process for submitting a Student Teaching Placement Request Form and resume to the Field Experience Office, as well as the SUTEC application. Deadlines are critical in this application process:

SUTEC Student Teaching Application Deadline

  • Last Friday in February for Fall
  • Last Friday in October for Spring