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About Student Teaching

Student teaching is the final phase of the education program that all student planning to graduate must partake in. Find out when and where your student teaching placement can take place and what you need to do before student teaching. 

Important Dates & Deadlines

Stay up-to-date on the important dates and deadlines related to your student teaching placement. 

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Forms, Documents & Resources

Students, college supervisors, and school-based teacher educators can find useful forms including applications, stipends, and more on our forms webpage.

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Students with Disabilities

Teacher candidates are required to obtain experience with students with disabilities. During the first weeks of student teaching, a plan to obtain this experience should be established among the teacher candidate, School-based Teacher Educator, and college supervisor.

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Getting the Most Out of Student Teaching

It is important for the teacher candidate and the school-based teacher educator to get the most out of the student teaching experience. Learn how to best prepare for your student teaching experience before your first day and throughout the semester.

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Out of Area Student Teaching Opportunities

We offer a handful of opportunities that allow you to complete your student teaching requirements while studying abroad.

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Applying for Certification

Once you have completed an Approved Teacher Preparation Program from the University, you are ready to earn your initial certification. Use the Certification Office’s website to ensure you are taking the correct steps to properly earn your certification.