Field Experience professionals receiving an award


Our Partnerships

The Field Experience Unit has worked with many local and international partnerships to provide our teacher candidates with multiple options to earn a quality learning experience.

Australia Student Teaching

The Australia Student Teaching program, established in 2005, provides an unequaled student teaching experience for candidates who want to study abroad and get hands-on experience working with a school system in another country. Relationships are at the core of this experience, and candidates most often fulfill their students with disabilities student teaching requirement while in Australia.

Study Abroad in Australia

Brockport Central School District

The Brockport Central School STLE Grant partnership began in 2013 when the district was awarded a New York State grant. Due to our close proximity, the University is able to attend frequent meetings to discuss our collaboration

East Irondequoit AVID

Since the beginning of our partnership in 2008, our teacher candidates have had the opportunity to learn and participate in the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program. This program provides tutoring to students in the district with a program goal of those students attending university after graduation from high school.

Greece Central School District

Hilton Central School

Our partnership with the Hilton Central School district was established in 2015 designed to address the shortage of substitute teachers available in their school system and enhance the quality field experience and student teaching for students at the University.

Lyndonville AVID

Another AVID program established in 2010, our partnership with Lyndonville sees our students spending approximately half of their 50 field experience hours in AVID sessions and tutorials and the other half in a classroom within their content area or special education.

Monroe Community College

Rochester City School District

SUNY Urban Teacher Education Center (SUTEC)

The SUTEC student teaching program provides a unique teaching experience for candidates who want to work in urban school districts with a diverse population.

Student Teaching in New York City

Teacher Immersion Fellows Program

The Teacher Immersion Fellows (TIF) Program is a partnership between area colleges and participating school districts that offers college students the opportunity to gain paid experience in the education field, while enhancing their educational and employment opportunities throughout and following their college careers.

Teacher Immersion Fellows Program

Tri-County Teacher Resource Center

Diane Mauer Partnership Award

The Council on the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), Standard 2 definition of clinical partnerships and practice states; “The provider ensures that effective partnerships and high-quality clinical practice are central to preparation so that candidates develop the knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions necessary to demonstrate a positive impact on all P-12 students’ learning and development.”

Past Award Recipients

  • 2017 Hilton Central School District
  • 2016 Brockport Central School District (mature) and Greece Arcadia High School (emerging)
  • 2015 Australia Student Teaching Program, with special recognition to the Talara Primary College and Currimundi Special School
  • 2014 East Irondequoit School District, East Irondequoit Middle School
  • 2013 Rochester City School District
  • 2012 Brockport Central School District