Teacher candidates who are newly admitted into either education program will be given individual advisement to find out more about program requirements.

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Receiving Your Placement

Staff from the Field Experience Office will visit each classroom associated with a field experience course early in the semester, to give an overview of expectations and to answer any questions from the student. When a teacher candidate is registering for a course that requires a 50-hour field experience placement there are several steps that must be taken. All field experience placements are arranged between the Field Experience Office staff and administrators in the school districts. Teacher candidates do not arrange their own placements. In order for the Field Experience Office staff to secure a field experience placement for a teacher candidate, the following is required prior to the field experience:

  • Field Experience Application. The form is available on our forms webpage. In subsequent semesters, notification will be given via email that forms are due for the following semester. A new form is due for each field experience placement. For more information on this process, view our associated webpage.
  • A resume. A professional, updated resume will be due each semester prior to field experience and student teaching. Resumes must follow the guidelines in the Resume Samples. In addition, resumes can be critiqued through Career Services. Resumes are submitted with the Field Experience Application.
  • Teacher candidates must register for the course as soon as possible.
  • Field Experience placement dates for fall begin in September (by mutual agreement between the School-based Teacher Educator, or SBTE, and teacher candidate), and continue through December (the final week of classes). Placement dates for spring begin in February (by mutual agreement between the School-based Teacher Educator, or SBTE, and teacher candidate), and continue through May (the final week of classes).

Once a placement is confirmed, an email is sent to the teacher candidate from the Field Experience Office which contains the placement information (school district, School-based Teacher Educator’s name and contact information, grade level, and type of placement). Candidates then contact the School-based Teacher Educator (SBTE) as soon as possible to arrange a start date and schedule.

At Your Placement


The teacher candidate should not take days or time off from field experience without receiving prior approval from the SBTE and reporting such absences to the college supervisor. During inclement weather the teacher candidate should listen to local news sources for school closings. We realize that occasional illness occurs and unexpected issues arise at times. If this happens, the candidate should immediately contact the SBTE and explain the circumstances. Not doing so can result in a disposition transgression. All absences must be made up by the end of the semester in order to meet the pre-student teaching field experience requirement and should be pre-arranged with the SBTE.


It has been proven that the teacher candidate’s dress influences students’ perceptions and can have a profound impact on the field experience environment. Moreover, it can influence perceptions of school personnel, parents, and members of the school community. Yet, dress can be a conflicting personal and professional matter. It must be understood that what is appropriate dress for one’s personal life may not be appropriate for one’s professional life.

School officials and college supervisors have the right to ask a teacher candidate to “cover up” or send a teacher candidate home if they are not dressed appropriately. Teacher candidates are asked to view their appearance before entering the school site and make sure it is professional. Although finances are often an issue for college students, wardrobes do not have to be extensive for candidates to dress professionally — mixing and matching and borrowing apparel pieces from others can help maximize professional wardrobe options.

Teacher candidates are encouraged to talk with their SBTE about appropriate dress, observe the dress of other teachers, and dress accordingly, avoiding extremes. The Career Services Office on campus has a Professional Clothes Closet which can assist with professional wardrobe needs.

Name Badge

Teacher candidates are asked to purchase a teacher candidate name badge from Parking and Transportation Service, located at Raye H Conrad Welcome Center at the University to identify themselves when participating in field experiences. During field experiences, badges should be worn in a visible location at all times.