For technical issues such as not receiving e-mails with log in information; can’t complete the assessment; can’t view the assessment contact the IT help desk at (585) 395-5151 option 1. All assessments are completed in Tk20, any questions regarding issues with the assessments can be sent to the help desk.


Questions regarding the certification process, exams, fingerprinting, dates, etc. should be directed to the Certification Office.


Questions regarding faculty contracts through Education & Human Development for college supervision can be sent to Heather Laudico.

Mileage Reimbursement

For college supervisors who travel to observe teacher candidates at their placement site please reach out to Heather Laudico.

Field Experience & Student Teaching Placements

Field Experience and Student Teaching Placements are coordinated by Shelly Smith. Teacher candidates are not to solicit placements at the districts.


Questions regarding SBTE paperwork for payment of stipends or tuition waivers for student teaching supervision (based on type of placement) should contact Amber Brooks.

Concerns & Questions Regarding Placement & SBTE

Initial concerns voiced to the college supervisor should be handled by further investigation (contacting the SBTE, arranging a meeting at the district, etc.) to gather input from both the SBTE and teacher candidate and try to come to a resolution. Dispositional matters that require follow up can be directed to Tracy Peterson.

Online Documents/Forms/Webpages

For questions/updates regarding any of our documents, forms, and webpages, contact Amber Brooks.