Childhood Inclusive Generalist Education Curriculum

Childhood Inclusive Generalist

A large portion of our student’s curriculum involves three 50-hour field experience placements and a student teaching placement. The information below lays out what is expected of our teacher candidates during each phase of their field experience/student teaching placements.

At least one field experience or student teaching placement must meet each of the following requirements:

  • Completed in a high-need school
  • Working with children with special needs
  • Working with children who are not native speakers of English

These requirements are likely to be met in multiple field experiences and/or student teaching placements. The current high-need school district in the Rochester area is the Rochester City School District. A total of 150 hours of field experience is required prior to student teaching. Field experience will be in school or community settings.

Please note: In all phases, candidates may tutor, assist in classroom activities, grade papers, create bulletin boards, and work with individuals or small groups, etc., at the teacher’s discretion. Our goal is for teacher candidates to be actively involved in working with students as much as possible.

Phase 1: Inclusive Middle Level Teaching

Some observation (if needed) and participation in a diverse general education classroom setting (Grades 1–6). 50 clocked hours are needed by the end of the semester.

  • Plan and lead one learning activity or lesson

Phase 2: Methods in Special Education

Participation (under the supervision of a teacher certified in special education) in a setting that includes children with disabilities (Grades 1–6). 50 clocked hours are needed by the end of the semester.

  • Create an inclusive unit plan in any content area and teach one lesson for all students, including students with disabilities
  • Work with an emergent reader to create a Running/Reading Record
  • Create and teach one small group literacy activity

Phase 3: Language Literacy Learner

Participation in a diverse general education classroom setting (Grades 1–6). 50 clocked hours are needed by the end of the semester.

  • Plan and teach an inquiry-based science lesson and a problem-based math lesson
  • Conduct pre-test and post-test for math and science lesson to evaluate the impact their teaching had on students’ understanding
  • Candidates will complete 5–7 individual tutoring lessons in literacy to be completed with a single student. At least one of these lessons will be taught to a small group, meeting the needs of the single student and other students in the group

Phase 4: Practicum in Childhood Inclusive Education with Seminar

Single Student Teaching placements will predominantly involve working with one teacher for a full semester (general ed or special ed). However, because the University is a dual certification program, student teachers will have an opportunity to work with students from both populations: general ed and students with disabilities.

  • Student teaching must occur in grades 1–6
  • Full-time placements follow the school district calendar Monday – Friday throughout the semester (15 weeks)