Placements are arranged by the Field Experience Office – teacher candidates do not make their own placement arrangements.

The teacher candidate must submit a Field Experience Application the semester prior to their field experience. A new form is needed for each of the three placements.

Some placements have a tutoring component where the candidate spends part of their 50 hours assisting students in the tutoring program at the district, and a portion of their hours in a classroom setting. Orientations and training are provided for tutoring programs.


The candidate is required to complete an application during the semester prior to each field experience placement. The Field Experience Application is emailed with instructions to apply to all teacher candidates. If you ahve any questions or need another application, please reach out to our office. A resume must also be submitted prior to each field experience. Placement request forms and resumes for spring placements are due by October 15; for fall placements they are due by March 15. In addition, the candidate must register for the course as soon as possible and complete an availability form. Some school districts or tutoring programs may require additional paperwork.


Each teacher candidate is carefully monitored and assessed during their education program. An overall minimum GPA of 2.5 (undergraduate) or 3.0 (graduate) must be maintained or the teacher candidate is placed on program probation. S/he has one semester to raise the GPA to the minimum standard or s/he is dismissed from the program. Each teacher candidate is also closely assessed on teacher candidate dispositions. Intervention strategies can be recommended or program dismissal enacted if candidate dispositions are not evident to at least a developing degree.

A brief, paper instrument is given to the school-based teacher educator (SBTE) early in the semester to check on their candidate’s progress, and returned to the college supervisor. A complete field experience assessment must also be completed by the SBTE at the end of each placement. This assessment is done electronically through Tk20, and will be used in determining the grade for the course, for promotion to the next phase of the program, and to verify that requirements have been completed. An email with log-in information for the assessment will be sent from with instructions and due dates.


During field experience, teacher candidates will work with small groups or individual students, observe various classes, tutor, participate in class activities and lessons and lead/teach at least one lesson or learning activity. The purpose of field experience is to prepare the teacher candidate for student teaching by orienting him/her to the classroom, teaching, and school environment. At the beginning of the field experience, the college supervisor will provide additional information about their requirements and expectations. Requirements are also reviewed during class visits by the Field Experience Office staff. Tutoring program expectations typically are shared with candidates during an orientation meeting early in the semester. When a tutoring program is included as part of the placement, both classroom and tutoring program expectations must be honored and carried out.

For new students who are joining the program and want to know more about the program and field experience our webpage linked below can help the student understand the requirements of the program and how to professionally dress and conduct yourself at your placement.

New Student Experience