Student teaching is the final phase of the education program.

About Student Teaching

Student teaching must take place in Rochester area school districts (see exceptions below), where the University has a relationship with school personnel and college supervisors have a reasonable travel distance. There are four SUNY approved alternative locations for student teaching outside the Brockport/Rochester area:

Student teaching placements in the Rochester area school districts consist of a single placement over the course of the semester, for 15 weeks (this will differ if you are part of an alternative location program). As with field experience, an application and resume must be submitted the semester prior to student teaching in order to have the Field Experience Office secure a placement for teacher candidates.

For more information, resources, and forms related to student teaching, refer to our Student Teaching homepage.

Student Teaching Seminar

Student teaching candidates are required to attend weekly seminar meetings with their college supervisor and seminar group. During the seminar meetings, candidates have an opportunity to discuss questions about their student teaching placement, receive support on the edTPA process, and learn from the experiences of their college supervisor and colleagues. Seminars will be held at a school district if there is a cohort on site and on campus (in computer labs if edTPA support or writing is scheduled). Professional development opportunities such as guest speakers for certification or classroom management, or visiting a local school district for mock interviews may be incorporated into the seminar meeting time.

Student teaching candidates will be informed about their college supervisor and the day/time of their seminar group meetings prior to the start of the semester. Typically the seminar is held in the late afternoon or early evening, after regular school district hours. College Supervisors will inform their seminar group about the location of the meeting.