Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Environmental Science and Ecology is to transform students into scientifically literate citizens and professionals by engaging them in high-impact learning activities focused on environmental and ecological principles, techniques, and issues. By doing so, we will prepare our students for careers in the growing fields of natural resource management, the green economy, and environmental stewardship.

Our mission is accomplished through a program focused on fostering critical thinking, technical and practical skills, and professional development.

  • Small classroom sizes and faculty-led curricular labs allow students to engage directly with their professors and the natural environment.
  • By teaching scientific writing, oral communication, and data analysis across our curriculum, we provide students with training in a set of skills applicable to a broad range of professional positions.
  • Through active faculty scholarship we provide opportunities for student engagement in research activities in the field, laboratory, and classroom.
  • Our high-quality graduate program offers qualified students advanced training in research skills and professional development.
  • Our external network of local, regional, and international collaborations helps students remain abreast of current environmental issues while fostering opportunities to develop professional skills and gain employment.