Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

About the Summer Undergraduate Research Program

The Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) is an opportunity for students to fully engage in a hands-on educational experience of scholarship, research, and creative activity with a faculty mentor.

Through the generosity of the Brockport Foundation, the University sponsors student work with faculty on the mentor’s research for up to eight weeks during the summer. (As part of the program, on-campus housing and a stipend for full or part time effort for up to eight weeks is available.)

To get started the student should identify a faculty mentor and ask if they can participate in their work, and if they are willing to act as a mentor. The mentor will discuss the project and how the student will participate. If a decision is made to move forward then an application is co-written; one part by the student and one part by the mentor. The mentor should help the student with writing the application. A committee of faculty reviews and ranks applications. Students are interviewed as a part of the application process. SURP fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis.

Student researchers and faculty mentors are required to attend the SURP orientation session. Students are encouraged to complete weekly reflective journals during research and if on-campus to present their research at a mid-summer luncheon, a Fall Poster Gallery, as well as Scholars Day in the following spring semester. A weekly workshop series focused on developing professional skills is also provided for students.

SURP 2023

Application Process:

Student Application: This should be written by the student applicant in the student’s words, and should involve a collaboration effort between the student and faculty mentor.

Mentor Recommendation: A link to this form will be emailed to a student’s identified faculty mentor once the student application is submitted. This should be written and submitted by the faculty mentor.

Interview: A 20 minute face to face interview for every applicant is required. During this interview students will be asked about the project and the potential impact this experience will have on their future goals.

Orientation Meeting: Once selected for the program, student interns and faculty mentors will attend a one-hour mandatory meeting scheduled before the semester ends. Important details will be shared at each meeting.

Research Fellowships

With gratitude for the generosity of our donors, we are pleased to offer the following fellowships:

James and Carol ’94 Haynes Research Scholars Fund

This fund supports an annual summer undergraduate research award to a student in Environmental Science & Ecology with a minimum 3.0 GPA overall and in the major courses. A $3200 stipend will be presented for 8-weeks participation in summer research. Students are required to work on a project in support of, and mentored by, an Environmental Science and/or Biology Brockport faculty member. Research results must be presented at The SURP Fall Research Symposium and at least one external research conference.

Donald Nelson-Nasca Research Scholars Fund

This fund supports an annual summer undergraduate research award to a Brockport student with a 3.0 GPA overall and in the major courses. Students arrange for an 8-week summer research experience with a faculty mentor and are awarded a $3200 stipend. This fund was established by Donald to recognize outstanding students at the University who have demonstrated commitment and potential for excellence in scientific research.

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