Engaged Learning

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We offer multiple different internship opportunities for our students. Find one that matches your skills and career interest to complement your degree and continue to grow.

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Study Abroad

Study abroad grants a student an experience that can’t be replicated inside the classroom. We partner with universities across the globe to give our students the chance to study abroad on all continents — even Antarctica.

Student presenting research

Student Research

Student research is a pillar of engaged learning . Both graduate and undergraduate students have the opportunity to pursue research they are passionate about to further their experience and set them up for a career in the field.

Group of Delta College students

Delta College

Delta offers an accelerated, hands-on approach to the traditional college experience. A select cohort of students learn in the classroom, grow in the work place through internships, engage the world around them by studying abroad, and thrive as a tight-knit community.

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Community Development

Community Development encourages our students to engage in

  • Community Service
  • Democratic Action
  • Leadership Development
  • Deliberative Dialogue
 “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.”  Benjamin Franklin