Delta College is a unique program that can be found exclusively at SUNY Brockport. There is no identical program in the country!

We value these experiences and offer many opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to become involved in a variety of student activities. These experiences not only enhance your learning, but support your continued professional development.

TEACH Association

The Teachers, Educators, Administrators, Counselors, Human Resource/Services Association brings together students interested in all aspects of education. Members participate in campus and community events related to their interests and future careers.

Teachers of Tomorrow Living and Learning Community

First-year students have the option of living in the same residence hall with other students who are interested in a career in education. Throughout the year, students participate in various education activities.

Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education

Through Honor Society activities, undergraduate and graduate students establish a community that fosters excellence in education and promotes fellowship among those dedicated to teaching.

America Reads

SUNY Brockport participates in the federal America Reads Program, which provides literacy and tutoring services to children in kindergarten through sixth grade at the Brockport Central School District. As part of the program, students have opportunities assist children with academic assignments, learn tutoring techniques, and support the classroom teacher in a variety of ways. For the first semester, students are required to take EDI 360, an upper division course offered through the Department of Education and Human Development. Students have the option to take the course a second time (as EDI 361) the following semester for an additional three credits.

Arts for Children Club

The Interdisciplinary Arts for Children Program is committed to teaching, scholarship, creative expression and service related to the education of children in and through the arts. The Arts for Children Club provides opportunities for childhood inclusive teacher candidates to integrate the arts in a variety of education and community settings.

Study Abroad Programs

Teacher candidates have a unique opportunity to do one portion of their student teaching placement on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. This option consists of spending June through early September in Australia, having an orientation to the program and Australian culture, an optional Outback Tour, culminating in a placement at one of the school districts. The second portion of the student teaching requirement is completed in a Rochester area school district in the fall semester immediately following the summer placement.

The Special Education Program in Dublin, Ireland is a field-based course that allows graduate and undergraduate students to learn directly about special education in Ireland through visits to special education facilities as well as comprehensive schools with adaptations for special needs. In addition to observing classes in a variety of schools, participants will have the opportunity to talk with teachers and other educators about common interests.

SUNY Urban Teacher Education Center (SUTEC) Brockport teacher candidates can choose to apply for student teaching in one of New York City’s public schools through SUTEC. The SUTEC program works closely with the home campus, while facilitating orientation, placements, college supervisors, and seminar groups in the city.