Up to 40 hours of Professional Development Opportunity Mobile Apps Development & Deployment in STEM Education

STEM teachers who satisfactorily complete SUNY Brockport introductory online Mobile App Level I training workshop module, deploy their APP products in the learning environment and attend an on-campus debriefing workshop Saturday May 5 OR May 19, 2018 can receive up to 20 CTLE hours. Successful and interested participants who then attend Level II training at one of our 2-day on-campus July 2018 workshops with follow-up deployment of their products can earn up to 20 additional CTLE hours as well.

General Requirements*

Level I Professional Development (5-20 CTLE hrs.): Complete our introductory Level I Online Appdevelopment module training; deploy these Level I instructional practices in your learning environment; and attend a single day on-campus debriefing workshop Saturday, May 5 OR May 19, 2018.

Level II Professional Development (12-20 CTLE hrs.): If interested after May 19, learn advanced cognitive learning strategies that will help students retain STEM knowledge in 2-day training workshop sections held on Brockport’s campus between July 9 and 19 and deploy these strategies in the classroom setting. Registration opens May 19, 2018.

Level I online App development training module initially require approximately 2-3 hours to complete. The modules have a very flexible and reasonable time commitment and will be distributed electronically by our instructor, Dr. Leigh Little. Those who satisfactorily complete the follow up deployment products of Level I modules for additional CTLE hours and/or stipend and wish to continue with Level II Professional Development will be provided additional instruction. Participation is voluntary, incentive-based and teachers may withdraw from the program at any time during the process. Early registration and completion is encouraged. Select one of the following links to apply:

March 2018 Registration
April 2018 Registration

Please share this information with all STEM teachers in your school(s)

For more detailed information contact

Dr. Peter Veronesi, PhD, Project Manager and Co-Principal Investigator 2016-2019 NSF I-TEST “Make it Stick!” Award
Email: pveronesi@brockport.edu
Phone: (585) 395-5544
Dr. Osman Yaşar, PhD, Principal Investigator & Director of CMST Institute