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The education of tomorrow needs versatility today. Explore innovative teaching methods that will resonate with the next generation of learners.

Early Childhood Inclusive Education (Grades PK-2)

Learn how to work with our youngest children in a variety of settings including daycare providers, preschools, or K-2 classrooms. Undergraduate students can continue their education with a graduate degree in Literacy or TESOL.

Childhood Education Programs (Grades 1-6)

Learn how to design lesson plans that inspire creativity among all learners. We offer two tracks for our undergraduate childhood education programs: multi-disciplinary and bilingual/multicultural. Multidisciplinary track students can continue their education with a graduate degree in Literacy Education. Bilingual/multicultural track majors can go directly into our Bilingual Education graduate-level program.

Adolescence Education (Grades 5-12)

Choose the subject YOU want to teach. 5-12th grade teachers specialize in a field of study (biology, chemistry, earth science, English, mathematics, physics, social studies, or Spanish) completing courses in education and their chosen content area. We offer both undergraduate and graduate level degrees for all of our content areas.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Pursue a career as an inclusive educator. English learners have unique learning needs in PK-12 schools. The TESOL program helps teachers learn how to help English learners meet challenging content standards.

Field Experience/Student Teaching

The first step to becoming a great educator is gaining practical experience in real classrooms. Our programs have strong ties to the local education community as well as opportunities to teach in other states and countries such as Alaska or Australia.


All of our programs end with official certification to teach in New York State. Learn what steps you need to take throughout your academic career to be prepared to teach on day one after graduation.