The Department of the Earth Sciences offer the seminar series to introduce students to cutting-edge research projects.

Upcoming Seminar

Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Time: 7 pm
Location: Online
Speaker: Dr. Christopher Ndehedehe
Senior Lecturer
School of Environment & Science
Griffith University, Nathan Campus,
Brisbane, Australia
Title: Changes in the Earth system: A look into the Anthropocene

We now live in the Anthropocene, a new dispensation where anthropogenic activities (e.g., groundwater extraction, dam constructions, etc.) have increased over the last few decades, coalescing with climate change to amplify the disturbance and alterations of the Earth system.

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Past Seminars

March 2023

Dr. Lin Li (University of Arizona)

Outward and upward growth of north-central Tibet: Constraining mechanisms that build high elevation, low relief plateaus

December 2022

Dr. Erika Rader (University of Idaho)
Beyond Thermal: VNIR Imaging of Molten Lava

March 2022

Dr. Atsuhiro Muto (Temple University)
Revealing Deep Secrets: Geophysical Investigations of Subglacial Controls on Ice-Sheet

November 2021

Dr. Camila Martinez (University in Medellin, Colombia)
Paleoclimatic and Paleoaltitudinal Inferences Based on the Neotropical Plant Fossil Record

November 2020

Dr. Emily Martin (Smithsonian Institution)
Cracking through Enceladus’s Ice Shell with Tectonic Pit Chains

October 2019

Dr. Nick Perez (Texas A&M)
Exploring Impact of Shallow-Subduction on the Upper Plate: Central Andes of Peru

February 2019

Dr. Basil Tikoff (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
The Jagged Western Edge of North America: The Profound Influence of Precambrian Rifting on Subsequent Mountain Building.