EagleSUCCESS is a community-based early-alert support tool. It is not a reporting tool. The earlier an alert is raised, the better chance we have of identifying and addressing potential success barriers.

Login to EagleSUCCESS Templates for Messaging

EagleSUCCESS can help you by

  • Providing an avenue for you to communicate with students and give feedback about their academic progress
  • Helping you facilitate a timely connection to campus support professionals and services
  • Allowing you to quickly access a variety of student information

Instructional Videos

Respond to a Progress Survey

Email Notifications for Appointments & Tracking

Updating your Profile

Preparing for a Productive Student Meeting

Faculty Features in Starfish

Updating your Office Hours

Closing the Loop and Clearing Flags Transcript Available

Taking Attendance Transcript Available

5 Things you can do in Starfish Early Alert Only

How To… & Instructions

Set up your profile

Set up your office hours

Connect to your Outlook calendar

Raise a flag

Progress surveys

What happens to the flags that you raise?

 Setup Your Profile

Some of your profile, such as your contact information, is imported from Banner.

  1. Click on your name in the top navigation bar, and select the Institutional Profile tab.
  2. Add a photo by clicking the Upload Photo link
  3. Edit your phone number (if needed) and add an alternate email address (optional) to have EagleSUCCESS send emails to an address other than your institution email. Select the “Both” button to receive email at both accounts.
  4. Double check that the time zone selected matches your time zone. This time zone will be used when including appointment times in emails from EagleSUCCESS.
  5. Add information to the “General Overview” and “My Biography” sections to let students know a bit more about you.
  6. Click the Submit button to save your changes.

For more information and additional profile settings, watch these Two Minute Tips from Hobsons
(the version shown may not match our active version, but the steps are the same):

Update your EagleSUCCESS Profile
Update how you are emailed about Flags, To-Dos, and Referrals
Update how you are emailed about Appointments

 Setup Your Office Hours

The first time you log in to EagleSUCCESS, the system will provide a ‘wizard’ to walk you through setting
up your office hours, which enables students to schedule time with you.
If your office hours are different week-to-week, follow the “If your office hours don’t repeat weekly, click here” link. If your office hours recur:

  1. Complete the fields presented to specify:
    • What day(s) do you have office hours?
    • What time are your office hours?
    • Location (e.g. the building and room number of your office).
    • If relevant, provide Instructions for students who make appointments with you.
  2. Click the Set up Office Hours button to save your office hours.

Video Tutorial: How to Set Up Office Hours

 Connect Your EagleSUCCESS Calendar Outlook Calendar


Part One
  1. Open your Outlook calendar and click “Share
  2. In the command prompt, type in “Starfish_exch@brockport.edu
  3. Select “Can view all details” then click “Share
Part two
  1. Login to your EagleSUCCESS account here.
  2. Click on the sidebar menu (three horizontal lines at the top of the page next to the words “EagleSUCCESS”)
  3. Click the arrow next to your name to open the drop down menu
  4. Click on “Email Notifications
  5. Check the box “Read busy times from my external Exchange calendar
  6. Click “Submit


Part One
  1. Open your Calendar
  2. Click “Calendar Permissions
  3. Click “Add
  4. Enter “Starfish” in the search box next to the “Go” button
  5. Click on “Starfish Engage Integration
  6. Click “Add” at the bottom of the prompt
  7. Click “OK
  8. You will now be back in the original prompt. Click on the drop down menu next to “Permission Level” and set it to “Reviewer
  9. Ensure that the “Full Details” box is checked under the “Read” section and that the “Folder Visible” box is checked under the “Other” section
  10. Click “OK
Part Two
  1. Login to your EagleSUCCESS account here.
  2. Click on the sidebar menu (three horizontal lines at the top of the page next to the words “EagleSUCCESS”)
  3. Click the arrow next to your name to open the drop down menu
  4. Click on “Email Notifications
  5. Check the box “Read busy times from my external Exchange calendar
  6. Click “Submit

 Raise a Flag

  1. Click on the Students navigation item to see all of your students.
  2. Find the student you want to raise a flag for – Click on the student’s name to bring up the student’s folder. Note: Anywhere you see a student’s name as a link it will take you to their folder.
  3. When you click on the Raise Flag button, a list of flags that can be raised is displayed.
  4. Select the appropriate flag, enter comments
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. The appropriate individuals will be automatically notified.

 Progress Surveys

Flags can also be raised by submitting a progress survey. You will receive an email reminder when there
is a new survey for you to complete.

  1. Click on the Students navigation item and then choose the Progress Surveys tab.
  2. Check the boxes to raise praise or concerns about certain students.
  3. Click Submit when you are finished to raise the selected flags.

Note: You may be asked to submit more than one survey. They will be listed in a drop-down menu on the Flag Surveys tab.

 What happens to the flags that you raise?

Raising FLAGS, either within the Progress Surveys or manually, is extremely important to connecting our students to the support the ASC is trying to provide. YOU ARE ON THE FRONT LINE AND ARE IN THE BEST POSITION TO PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION! WE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR HELP IN GIVING US TRUE PICTURE OF HOW YOUR STUDENTS ARE DOING.

So…Have you ever wondered what happens when you submit a FLAG in EagleSUCCESS?


  • Each morning the ASC and Graduate Studies receive a daily report of all FLAGS submitted the previous day. The ASC handles UG FLAGS and Graduate Studies reviews the GR FLAGS.
  • UG FLAGS are reviewed by type of FLAG and individual student. Someone on the ASC team reviews the list each day and responds accordingly. See below: 

Triage responses/Different FLAGS:

  • UG Course Progress Concern/UG in Danger of Failing – if it is the first flag, an email is sent to the student through EagleSUCCESS with information about ASC resources and tutoring that is available for that class. Subsequent flags for Progress Concerns will get the student assigned to an ASC advisor for personal outreach. In Danger of Failing flags are reviewed individually and typically triaged right away, depending on the information shared.
  • Never Attended Flags – These are extremely important for compliance with Federal Attendance Verification Regulations but we also use these to reach out to students so they are not billed for classes they are not attending.
  • 3 Flag/6 Flag –  These are system generated flags to alert the ASC staff when a student has received multiple flags from either the same instructor or multiple instructors. These are then assigned to an ASC advisor for personal outreach.
  • STEPS Flag – This flag tells you that the student is on academic probation, either PRO1 or PRO2. There may be a few students in Good Standing with this flag because they should be on probation but did not complete enough credits in their first semester to be officially on probation. If you see one of these flags on a student, it means they are assigned to one of the ASC advisors to help the student get off probation. You can see who they are assigned to in EagleSUCCESS.
  • MIDTERM GRADE Flag – This is a system generated flag for any student who has a 2.25 or below for a given term at midterm. This flag will trigger outreach by the Resident Director for students living on campus and from ASC advisors for students living off campus. Accurate midterm grades are vital to ensure we are reaching out to the students who really need our resources.