The Delta Curriculum

The Delta curriculum not only meets all SUNY Brockport general education requirements/learning objectives, it does so in a coherent and sequential fashion.

Delta College is fundamentally interdisciplinary and we are always seeking to bring a multitude of perspectives to bear on a particular topic. Our faculty, staff, and students come from an array of disciplines.

For example, three students majoring in history, a geology, and anthropology covered the topic of how social media impacts the development of communities in the modern world. Students gathered information from various sources to present their own take on the topic.

These exchanges challenge both faculty and students to grapple with the diverse and interesting topics and make conclusions with a broader range of shared knowledge.

Delta Courses

Students who are already taking science classes for their major may waive the science courses from their curriculum.


  • DCC 100: Delta Orientation
  • DCC 210: Human Heritage I
  • DCC 215: Society and Culture
  • DCC220: Aesthetic Expression
  • DCC 225: Professional Development
  • DCC 310: Human Heritage II


  • DCC 230: Scientific Exploration
  • DCC 320: Arts in Society
  • DCC 315: Global Development
  • DCC 330: Scientific Experimentation
  • DCC 345: Professional Development II


  • DCC 400: Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar
  • DCC 410: Professional Development III


Some majors require students to complete internships, clinicals, study abroad, research, and student teaching. The credits fulfilled through these experiences can count towards the Delta experiential learning requirements.

  • DCC 235: Experiential Learning Practicum I
  • DCC 355: Experiential Learning Practicum II
  • DCC 420: Delta Capstone

Course Descriptions

Explanation of Experiential Learning

Early Registration

Delta students complete their Delta and major requirements simultaneously. The Delta curriculum is sequential in nature and therefore requires students to have flexibility in scheduling their major courses. For this reason, Delta students have the privilege of registering for their courses on the first day. This allows them to select the courses, instructors, and class sections they need and prefer.