Graduate in Just Three Years

Interested in saving time and money? Joining Delta College could save you as much as $20,000! Delta College began in the 1970’s as a time-shortened degree option and continues to maintain that identity for a variety of majors. A student with one of the following majors can graduate in as little as three years (or 99 credits instead of the traditional 120 credits) as long as they have completed the Delta requirements and their major requirements.

The requirements for other majors have become too extensive to fit into six semesters. However, some fit into seven semesters, allowing students to graduate a semester early.

Want to Stay all Four Years?

Many of our students grow to love the home they have found here at the University and wish to stay, so they often add another major or minor. Graduating early is an option for Delta students, not a requirement.

Don’t See your Major on the List?

All majors are welcome to apply and benefit from our unique curriculum.