Delta College

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What is Delta?

Hear from members of Delta College community about what Delta College truly is and what joining our program can do for you.

Group of graduating Delta College students in their regalia.

Graduate Early

Delta College is a time-shortened degree option that can save student up to $20,000 in tuition. All majors are welcome to apply and benefit from our unique curriculum.

Two Delta College students holding a SUNY Brockport sweatshirt while standing outside in the snow...

Experiential Learning

While we embrace the traditional classroom experience, we also believe there are some lessons best learned outside the classroom. This is why we require our students to embrace adventure and engage the world around them.

Delta College students giving a presentation at the front of a classroom.

Alternate Approach to Learning

Standardized testing has become the norm within American education. Students are instructed to memorize and regurgitate information, then repeat. The instruction provided by Delta is focused on building transferrable skills in our students that translate to a working environment.

Student preparing a display board for a Delta College presentation.

Professional Preparation

A college diploma is no longer the distinguishing factor that it used to be when applying for a job. Professional development and internships are Delta College’s answer to this question.

Delta College teacher leading the students in a discussion.

Unique Curriculum

Through intensive in class discussion and learning outside the classroom, our students gain a full college education in only three years.