Graduate Audition Information

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Graduate Dance Auditions

Graduate Audition Information

Everyone who wishes to apply for the MFA/MA must submit an online application to the Center for Graduate Studies. To apply you will need the following application materials.

  • In a well-developed essay of 750 to 1,000 words, please submit a statement of your objectives for undertaking graduate study and of your plans for a professional or scholarly career. Comment on your past work and experiences as they relate to this field of study.
  • 3 references
  • Up-to-date Resume

The graduate dance audition is a parallel process from the application to the Center for Graduate Studies. The on-campus audition process runs over the course of two days and includes:

  • Participate in at least one or more African, ballet, and/or modern dance-based technique classes
  • Showing of choreographed solo or improvisational work - approximately three-minute length
  • Critical writing assessment session (only for students who did not submit a statement of your objectives with their application)
  • Informal discussion with members of the graduate committee
  • Observe and/or participate in ongoing classes
  • Lunch with current graduate students
  • Potential to view student, faculty, and/or guest choreography
  • Department and campus tour
  • Teaching assistantship audition for applicants selected in advance. There are a limited number of highly competitive graduate assistantships available. Be prepared to share your teaching philosophy with the faculty.

Please complete the MFA/MA Dance Audition Application to attend an on-campus audition. It is encouraged that graduate applicants visit our campus to experience our classes, faculty, and dance culture firsthand. If you are unable to attend the above audition dates, please call the Department of Dance at (585) 395-2153 to discuss an alternate arrangement on dates you can travel to campus.

Video auditions are accepted and given equal consideration to those who audition in person.

Video submissions should include:

  • An oral self-introduction including your name, what dance program you are interested in, the reasons for your interest in SUNY Brockport and a synopsis of your dance career and research goals
  • A three to five minute self-choreographed solo or filmed improvisational practice
  • Footage of your finished choreographic work (one to two pieces, full works not edited please)
  • A short (no more than four minutes) combination in the style of your choice (African, ballet, hip hop, jazz, modern, etc.)
  • Any additional performance, studio work, and/or teaching sample (optional)

Videos must be submitted as Vimeo or YouTube links. To submit a video application please complete the MFA/MA Dance Audition Application.

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