The Hartwell Hall Walk-In Clinic is available to SUNY Brockport students during each semester who are looking for support or assistance talking through a concern.

You can walk-in by yourself or with a friend Monday through Thursday from 4:30 - 9:30 pm.

Topics can include

  • Self-awareness
    • Every person has a need and a desire to understand themselves better. What are my areas of strength? What do I need to improve in my life? College life can be especially challenging with new responsibilities, separation from family and old friends, developing new relationships, learning good study habits.
  • Self-care
    • What do you do to unwind, to take care of your mental health? What helps you to center yourself? What helps you to relax and refresh yourself?

The Hartwell Clinic works with the Hazen Counseling Center for follow-up referrals and consultations.  Interested parties can walk into the clinic, schedule a session at the website, or leave a message at (585) 395-2903 to request an appointment.

Staffed by our Students

The clinic is staffed by SUNY Brockport graduate counselors-in-training to be licensed In New York State as a Mental Health Counselor or certified in New York State as a School Counselor.

These counselors-in-training have completed coursework as part of their professional training prior to working in the Hartwell Clinic, including intensive work on self-awareness and self-care, counseling theory and skills, and group counseling theory and skills.

Counselors-in-training are required to complete four semesters of clinical work in their 60-credit master’s degree curriculum. During their program, these counselors-in-training also do coursework in multiculturalism and social justice, human experience throughout the life span, career development, assessment and diagnosis, and research and program evaluation.

Many of our counselors-in-training, in addition to earning a master’s degree in professional counseling, are taking course work to become a New York State Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Use Counselor (CASAC) and a Nationally Accredited Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (NAADAC).

The counselors-in-training work in the walk-in clinic under the supervision of licensed or certified counseling instructors and supervisors.

Being graduate students, the counselors-in-training have often lived or have experience with many of the challenges that undergraduate students face; for example, depression or anxiety, relationship problems, academic difficulties, time management challenges, and other transitional issues.