Make a positive impact on individuals, agencies, institutions, and/or communities.

Our Educational Philosophy

Understand yourself before you can understand others. Beginning with the course “Self in Society,” you’ll engage in self-reflection and gain a sense of belonging before you to dive into the work of counseling. It’s an incredible opportunity to further your interpersonal skills and get an early introduction to group facilitation.

Our program is well known and respected for its unique approach in preparing professional counselors, who function effectively in a variety of settings. You gain human relations and therapeutic skills through discussion and practice.

CACREP Accredited

Employers in our region covet candidates with a CACREP accredited degree to ensure they are prepared to enter the field. We are the first program in New York State to earn this accreditation.

Placement Rates

  • 100% of alumni from the past three years are employed in counseling jobs. 
  • 99% of alumni from the past 12 years are employed in counseling jobs.