A Brockport tradition since 1994, Academic Convocation represents many beginnings — new academic endeavors and studies, new opportunities for exploration and self-discovery, and new friendships. It is the official welcoming ceremony of new students to the Brockport community and celebrates the beginning of the academic year.

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Academic Convocation is the kickoff of Welcome Week and is a celebration of Brockport pride and achievement. During the event, faculty, staff, and students celebrate through a diverse array of presentations, highlighting aspects of Brockport’s excellence.

DATE: Sunday, august 27, 2023

The ceremony will begin promptly at 1:30 pm.


Faculty Participation

Please RSVP for Academic Convocation no later than Wednesday, August 23, at 5 pm by completing this form. We want to be sure that appropriate seating is arranged for all of our faculty participants. Academic regalia is not required to process in the ceremony. 

Sankofa African Dance and Drum Ensemble

The Sankofa African Dance and Drum Ensemble leads the procession of invited guests, faculty, and staff in a ceremony that launches the start of the new academic year.

Sankofa is a symbolic, Ghanaian expression represented by a bird whose head turns back looking toward the past. The Sankofa African Dance and Drum Ensemble retrieves the cultural essences of the past and brings them into the present.

Sankofa presents dance and theater works expressing the dynamic presence of African culture in America. Some of the presentations are replicas of traditional African prototypes, and some are re-creations, employing contemporary themes and movement motifs.

Group of Sankofa dancers on stage dancing