Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the department is to offer a high-quality liberal arts education in the art and science of computing, as well as to prepare students for career opportunities in this area requiring a high level of technical knowledge and skill. The department will continue to develop and administer programs which serve the needs of industrial computer scientists, researchers, and computer application specialists for whom the discipline of computing sciences provides indispensable tools.

The mission is accomplished through an offering of major and minor programs, cooperative endeavors with other universities, articulation agreements with two-year colleges, ties with industry, and by advancing scholarship in the discipline.

  • Our programs have a central core of requirements covering the fundamental areas of computing sciences.
  • Our programs have co-requirements to assure that our graduates have thorough training in logical and critical reasoning needed for continuing intellectual growth.
  • Our programs meet the needs of adult students with interest in skill enhancement for current jobs or retraining in the computing sciences.
  • Our department provides support to the general education and other academic programs in the University.
  • Our department engages in outreach activities that promote a spirit of cooperation between the University and community.

Vision Statement

The vision of the department is to become a recognized leader in Western New York offering high-quality undergraduate programs in computing sciences to a large number of talented students at affordable tuition rates.

Core Values

The core values guiding the department are:

  • Commitment to high-quality undergraduate education and student success.
  • Commitment to widening educational opportunities to women and minority groups under-represented in the discipline.
  • Quality assurance of academic programs through disciplinary accreditation.
  • Continuous program improvement through assessment of program educational objectives and student outcomes.
  • New initiatives and programs with changes in technology and global interdependence.
  • Continued professional development of faculty members and scholarly contributions to the discipline, often with student participation.
  • Articulation agreements with 2-year community colleges to permit seamless transfer of students.
  • Activities to build ties to K-12 groups, community colleges, and local industry.
  • Shared governance of departmental affairs.
  • Service to the College, University, community, and discipline.


The current goals of the Department are:

  • Maintain CAC/ABET accreditation for the Advanced Computing (AC) Track of the Computer Science (CSC) major.
  • Maintain CAC/ABET accreditation for the Computer Information Systems (CIS) major.
  • Explore how to evolve the Software Development Track as a new major (Major in Computer Software Development) and seek ABET accreditation for it.
  • Develop faculty expertise in emerging areas of the computing sciences, such as cloud computing or mobile computing, and encourage interdisciplinary scholarship by students and faculty.
  • Support and encourage faculty participation at conferences and meetings to facilitate scholarly productivity and professional development.
  • Explore how the curricula might be adapted to include a capstone experience.
  • Enhance student engagement through activities such as internships, independent studies, special projects and study-abroad programs.
  • Increase the program’s engagement with the larger University and local community via service learning projects with students.
  • Provide more opportunities for faculty, students and alumni to interact and network together in informal settings.
  • Pursue joint academic programs with universities outside the USA.

We welcome comments on our mission, vision, core values, and goals. Contact Dr. Mehruz Kamal, Department Chair, at mkamal@brockport.edu.