SUNY Brockport’s Department of Computing Science offers much more than the generic in-classroom experience. We strive to offer unique opportunities that engage our students in ways that will help them advance their careers in multiple ways.

Programming Contests

Our department offers students the opportunity to participate in multiple programming contests that are hosted in and around the local region. Groups of students are mentored by a faculty member and work together to solve coding problems at these contests. Through these activities, our students are able to remain engaged in our field of study.

Hands-on Experience with Local Businesses (CIS 487, IT for Development)

This course requires students to evaluate micro-business technology needs, prepare technology plans, provide training, and implement solutions. Students will develop technical training and trust building skills to address IT needs. It also provides an opportunity to apply knowledge from the classroom by working in a professional setting.

The University has worked hard to maintain their mutually beneficial relationship with a plethora of local businesses in the Rochester area. These businesses have grown to trust the University through employment of our new graduates after university. That relationship all starts here, where local businesses come into the classroom and work hands-on with our students, building a relationship with them before they have even graduated.

Read about how one of our students used what he learned in CIS 487 to create an app now used by current and prospective Brockport students.

Faculty-Student-Industry Networking Social

Each semester (typically during the 10th week of classes) students are invited to attend this event. This is an informal gathering that offers students the opportunity to meet with faculty and often alumni and prospective employers. Occasionally, students will present about their internship experiences. In the Spring, we recognize our awards winners. These are our highest achieving students, including the program scholars, who receive a plaque and monetary award sponsored by Eugene Spafford, one of our most distinguished alumni.

Independent Study (CIS 499 or CSC 499)

Through the Computer Science or Information Systems independent study course , students can earn one to three credits for one semester of independent, but supervised, study or project work completed in an academic setting. The option is intended to enrich the student’s knowledge in an area that is not covered by regular course offerings. Students interested in pursuing a graduate program are strongly urged to consider the independent study course to test out their potential for independent research and advanced study.

Senior Thesis (CIS/CSC 493)

Through the Senior Thesis option, students can earn three credits for one or two semesters of independent, but supervised, project work completed in an academic setting. The option is intended to enrich the student’s knowledge of computer applications, theory, software or hardware, and to develop skills in analyzing problems involving current computing technologies.

Computing Sciences Internship and Co-op Programs

There is a wide variety of internship opportunities for students both on-campus and off-campus. There are jobs and internship fairs in both semesters. Contact the Office of Career Services for details. There are also a number of on-campus opportunities available. Check with ITS Drake Laboratories, other campus laboratories, and Telecommunications and Networking Services.

Students can gain valuable job experience through the Computer Science Internship program, offered by the Computing Sciences Department, and the SUNY Brockport Co-op Program, offered by the Office Of Career Development and Placement. In both types of program, the student works in an employment setting under close supervision; internships are generally unpaid and award college credit, whereas co-ops are generally paid without college credit. These two are separate programs with distinct requirements; however, the Department allows a part of the co-op experience to be identified as internship and offers credit for it. Students choosing to combine the two options must satisfy all the requirements of both. For more information on the internship program, see the The Computing Sciences Internship Program. For more information on the Co-op Program, contact Career Services.