Our faculty specialize in the study of public speaking and know how to teach it.

To students completing their general-education requirements, the Department of Communication invites you to enroll in one of its oral-communication classes.

In our University’s general education program, every student is required to complete a “Y,” or oral communication, class, which provides students with public speaking experiences. This makes sense. After all, one’s ability to succeed in the civic realm and in the workplace is linked to their ability to present ideas clearly and convincingly. Unfortunately, not all students get the training they need. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 80% of college graduates believe they are proficient in oral, as well as written, communication. But, just 42% of employers believe recent graduates are proficient.

Taught by trained experts, our oral-communication classes are designed for your success. For instance, in CMC 201 Public Speaking, students learn to:

  • Adapt their ideas to the needs, interests, and predispositions of their audiences
  • Practice fundamental elements of delivery, like gestures, movements, and vocal variety
  • Craft and deliver a variety of speeches, like demonstrative and persuasive
  • Improve their delivery by reviewing video recordings of their speeches
  • Utilize techniques for managing speech anxiety

Get the training you need from the Department of Communication.