Accommodations for Those With Disabilities

Senator Schumer Speaking at Commencement with ASL Interpretor


There will be limited handicapped parking available in Lot V for cars with official handicap identification. Spectators in need of mobility-impaired parking and/or drop-off should follow the directions below to get to the main entrance drop-off at the Special Events Recreation Center (SERC).

Detailed Parking Map

Before Ceremony

  • Take I-490/531 and Route 31.
  • Turn right on Commencement Drive and travel down the road to New Campus Drive.
  • Turn right on New Campus Drive and follow the signs to the drop-off at the SERC.
  • You will enter a loop outside the SERC main entrance and drop off guests. (It is a short walk from the entrance to the Field House.)
  • After drop off, turn left on New Campus Drive and proceed to Lot V and V-1 for parking.

After Ceremony

  • The loop will close at the end of the ceremony and reopen after the roadway is cleared.
  • Temporary mobility-impaired pickup will be located along the east roadway in Lot V (signs will be posted).

Access and Seating for the Mobility Impaired

Plan to arrive early for the best seating availability.

Mobility-impaired guests can be dropped off in the loop outside the SERC main entrance. Guests may use the main entrance to enter the SERC Field House.

For guests with wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility impairments who cannot navigate the bleachers, ground-level seating will be available. This seating is limited, and we ask that our mobility-impaired guests choose one family member to accompany them in the reserved seating. This seating is first-come, first-served.

Interpreting Services for the Deaf

Interpreting services will be provided at the ceremony. Two large video screens on either side of the stage will enhance your ceremony viewing.

Deaf students working with Student Accessibility Services may contact their office at (585) 395-5409 or regarding specific arrangements.

Deaf faculty, staff, and visitors who need consultation regarding more specific interpreting accommodations may contact the Office of Affirmative Action at (585) 395-2126.