The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers many ways for you to be involved in the department.

Taking part in activities will not only improve your education, but give you the chance to get to know other students and have some fun!

Social Activities

We have an active Chemistry Club, whose members organize several events each semester. These can range from pizza and game nights in the Smith Hall Lounge, to doing demonstrations at local elementary schools.

Research Opportunities

Planning on graduate school? Medical school? Want an edge for landing your first job? If so, it’s important to have independent research experience on your transcript. There are several ways for you to do this:

  • Credit-based research during the academic year (CHM 399 or CHM 499)
  • Paid summer research opportunities
  • Summer REU’s and internships at other universities or companies

Student Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for solid students who want to work for us. Doing so helps to improve on your lab skills, reinforces subject material for you, and allows you to be a mentor to the students you help. Opportunities include:

  • Undergraduate Laboratory Assistant positions
  • Laboratory Preparations Assistant positions
  • Tutoring (through the Student Learning Center)