Independent Study in Chemistry


  • Want to do get a taste of real-world research experience?
  • Desire more hands-on experiences in the lab?

Then you should consider getting involved in research with a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Faculty welcome new students during the spring semester, through the course CHM 399, Independent Study in Chemistry. If you enjoy the research, there is usually an opportunity to continue the research project for 8 weeks in the summer while getting paid. In the summer when we don’t teach, that’s the time to be really productive and learn more in the lab. So now that you are interested, you might wonder…

“What do I need to Know to do Research?”

We are looking for students who are self-motivated, have a great attitude and want to learn. We want to provide you with lab experiences beyond our regular coursework.

“But I’m not a Senior…”

That could actually be an advantage. If you start research as a sophomore or freshman and you like the research project, you could potentially continue for a total of two or even three years. Or, you could decide to try working in a different lab the next year.

“So what do I need to do?

Review the research project descriptions, which are listed below for you. Or, view our posters, hanging in the hallways of the 1st and 2nd floors of Smith Hall, next to our research labs.

Next, talk with multiple faculty members whose research sounds interesting to obtain more information. (Really, we won’t bite! In fact, we enjoy talking about our research ideas!)

Finally, discuss with the faculty member you wish to be your research advisor, or contact the Undergraduate Research Coordinator with your preference and the project you would like to work on.

“Is that Really that Simple?”

Yes! Just make sure to take the time to talk to our chemistry faculty about their research. That’s the most important part of getting involved. We will help you fill out the paperwork to sign up for CHM 399.

Research Project topics offered by Profs.

  • Dr. Blose - Biochemistry
  • Dr. Coleman - Organic Chemistry
  • Dr. Heitz - Analytical/Physical Chemistry
  • Dr. Hoffmann - Physical Chemistry
  • Dr. LeSuer - Analytical Chemistry
  • Dr. Reed - Inorganic Chemistry
  • Dr. Saputo - Biochemistry