This four-year plan serves as a sample to provide students with a clear path to graduation. A student’s path may differ from this example. Students are encouraged to consult with their faculty advisor each semester to ensure appropriate course selection.

Bachelor of Science in Adolescence Chemistry Inclusive Generalist

You must plan your course selection carefully to minimize the time required to complete this program. You are strongly advised to seek assistance from our departmental advisor at the earliest possible time to plan your personalized program.


  • Can substitute HST110 Early America Survey for HST211, but it is advised to take the seminar over the survey course.
  • CHM301 Chemical Safety can be taken in fall of senior year
  • Can swap EDI413 and EDI430.
  • Can substitute HST140 Modern World Survey, HST120 Modern America Survey, HST212 Seminar in Modern America or AAS114 African-American History II for Again, if relevant, it is advised to take seminar courses over survey courses.