The best way to learn science is to take part in science. Research is crucial to your understanding of the subject matter, so we encourage our students to get involved in research from the get-go. Our seven research labs allow students to analyze nucleic acids such as DNA & RNA, study biochemical pathways associated with disease, use 3D printers to develop new scientific tools, and more.

Engagement Opportunities

Join the student Chemistry Club, jet off to the Technical University in Darmstadt, Germany for summer research, or become a paid lab assistant. Students get their hands (gloves) dirty throughout their four years at Brockport – and not just in the classroom.

Career Outlook

Our programs are your launching pad to a career in STEM. Work in medicine, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, research and development, or engineering. Many graduates continue their education at some of the most prestigious graduate schools in the country and then go on to teach their expertise to others.