Being a new faculty member is both exciting and stressful. 

The early years of an academic career involve getting oriented and integrated into the campus community; developing and enhancing teaching, research, and service skills; navigating the tenure track or non-tenure track position; creating work-life balance; and establishing professional networks. 

Elements of SUNY Brockport’s Faculty Mentorship Program One-on-one component. Each new full-time faculty member is matched with a more senior colleague who is committed to meeting regularly during the first year, serving as an important initial node of an on-campus network of mentors. New faculty will be contacted by the Director of CELT to express their interest in and preferences for the mentoring program. The Director of CELT recruits an appropriate mentor(s), and confidentiality is a key principle of the relationship. The formal mentoring relationship is anticipated to last for the first year of the new faculty member’s appointment, but may be extended or terminated at the request of either person. Each mentor-mentee pair schedules regular meetings, which typically range from biweekly to once per month. The Office of the Provost Center funds one lunch per term at a BASC location for each mentoring pair. Training and resources are provided for mentoring pairs, focusing on a one-year plan of strategic goals.

Cohort Component

CELT facilitates once-per-term gatherings of each new faculty class to stay connected and share experiences. These “near peers” are another powerful source of both social and practical support within a broader network of mentors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Katie Amatangelo

Department of Environmental Science & Ecology

Welcome to SUNY Brockport! I just completed my ninth year at Brockport. I live in downtown Rochester, where I try and take full advantage of the music, arts, food, festivals, and culture it offers. I also love to hike so I have explored many of the natural areas in western New York.

Kelly Cary

Department of Healthcare Studies

Hi there and welcome to Brockport! This truly is my dream job. I have been at Brockport since 2016 but I am also an alumnus of Brockport. I graduated in 1993 with a degree in Health Science and I received my master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Roberts Weslyan College. I am originally from Syracuse, NY but have been in the Rochester area (Greece) since I graduated from Brockport. I am married to a retired Fire Chief and have two adult daughters. It is always nice to gain a different perspective from someone who is not in your related major/field. I have an open-door policy with all faculty and students, so please stop by at any point if it is just to chat or if you have any specific questions, I would love to meet you.

Laurie Cook

Department of Biology

I joined SUNY Brockport in the fall of 2005. During my tenure as a faculty member, I have been involved in many facets of campus planning and administration, including major and pre-professional advisement and mentoring, freshman registration, student engagement and undergraduate research, strategic planning, curriculum planning and revisions, and college senate. I am married, and have two children, Hayden age 20 and Mary age 16. We reside in the Brockport Village and are within walking distance of both the SUNY Brockport campus and Brockport Central School District. I have found it a most wonderful place to raise a family and settle into a long-term career in science.

Joshua Fegley (He/Him/His)

Department of Public Health & Health Education

Welcome to SUNY Brockport! We are excited to have each of you join us soon! I have been with SUNY Brockport since I was 17 years old, completing my undergraduate degree in 2004 and then working in Residential Life and the Hazen Center for Integrated Care for 10 years before moving into a faculty role. I live and work in Brockport and love it! The Brockport community provides significant opportunities, both professionally and personally. There are terrific supports for faculty in teaching, research, and service and the collaborative nature of campus places student success at the center of all we do. Within the community, there are amazing opportunities regarding recreation, travel, and the arts. With Rochester, Buffalo, and Toronto within a short drive, there is always something to explore! Please connect if I can assist as you get settled in your new roles and the community – I’m happy to help!

Susan Orr

Department of Political Science & International Studies

Welcome new colleagues, we are eager for you to join us. Originally from the UK, I have been on campus since 2007. I lived in Florida for a decade prior to moving to upstate NY and have just about adjusted to the climate! I have a nine-year-old daughter who loves swimming, lacrosse, and school and two older stepsons. My husband is on the faculty at University of Rochester and we live in Bushnell’s Basin. I have the pleasure of serving our campus as the Chapter President of UUP (United University Professions), our faculty staff union.

Melanie Perreault (she/her/hers)

Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies & Physical Education

Hi, and welcome to SUNY Brockport! I have been at SUNY Brockport for eight years after relocating from the Southeast. I am faculty with Motor Behavior, Coordinator of the Kinesiology Program, and Coordinator for the Kinesiology Practicum. I am part of a very active research team and highly involved with the Honor’s College and Center for Global Education and Engagement. I live in the Village of Brockport with my husband, two kids (ages four and nine), and two cats. We love being in walking distance of the canal, business district, and local parks! I also enjoy volunteering with the local Lion’s Club and village committees. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, running, working out at the SERC, and kayaking on the canal.

Kristen Repa (she/her/hers)

Department of Physics

Greetings! This fall, I’m entering my fourth year as a tenure-track faculty member. I love teaching our students. Although I’m an experimental physicist, my research is very interdisciplinary, using techniques from chemistry & materials science. My main research focus is currently using magnetic nanoparticles for water purification (targeting E. coli). I am a mom of a kindergartener, I love to bake, weight lift, and sing. I moved here from Florida in 2017, so I’d be happy to chat about the transition to a cold weather climate. On campus, I’m involved with the Women in STEM group and am also the Physics Club advisor. I look forward to meeting you!

Natalie Sarrazin

Department of Theatre & Music Studies

Welcome to Brockport! You’re not only heading into a job - but a community and a family. I arrived here about 16 years ago and settled right in the village of Brockport, and I haven’t ever regretted that decision. Even though the village is small, I have traveled the world conducting research in my field of ethnomusicology. I love walking to work and experiencing the ebb and flow of SUNY Brockport campus life year-round. For those of you with children, the campus abuts the Brockport Central School K-12 system, so everything is convenient, and it’s an excellent school! You will be well-connected and supported here. Hopefully, I can answer any of your questions and concerns, and once again, welcome!

Sandeep Singh

Department of Accounting, Economics & Finance

I hope that the Fall 2023 semester will be the start of your long career at a wonderful and welcoming place, SUNY-Brockport. I am starting my 31 st year at the university. I have lived in Brockport for 31 years may be able to answer questions regarding relocation and communities in the area as well as things to do- so many options! As you get ready for teaching at Brockport, having taught a wide array of courses, I can assist you finding information, answer questions, or provide a different perspective. Welcome to SUNY Brockport. It is a wonderful place to work and grow.

Sheri Treadwell (she/her/hers)

Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies & Physical Education

I hope you feel welcome on Brockport’s campus! I have been fortunate to call Brockport home since the 2011-12 school year. On campus I am very involved with student teaching candidates in the physical education major and various committee work, with most of my service work taking place at the state level in NYS AHPERD, the professional organization for HPE professionals. My wife and I have two adult children who graduated from Brockport Central School District and love the closeness of the village vibe.