Your time to get experience is now.

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Gaining hands-on experience through applied learning activities—like internships, community involvement and research—will help you test various fields and help you prepare for the next steps in your journey. Other ways to gain experience can include independent projects, part-time & full-time jobs, and campus involvement.

Experiential learning helps identify and strengthen the skills you will need after graduation.

Doing well in your classes is extremely important, but if you want to set yourself apart from the other Golden Eagles the key is gaining experience! Not sure where to start? Check out our helpful ways for you to get exposure to different career paths and industries.

Quick Links


Service learning, volunteer work, leadership roles, and tips on being an effective leader


Resources to help find internships, BCEC, Public Service Internships, Disney College Program, SUNY Washington Internship, and more

Job Search

Job Search 101, how to conduct research on careers/industries/employers, online job postings, making a choice, evaluating your salary, and negotiating job offers


Tips for building a healthy network, LinkedIn tips and tricks

Business Cards

How to order business cards and proper business card etiquette