Cover Letters

A cover letter is just as important as your resume. It’s more specific and highlights projects or programs that align with the requirements of the position for which you are applying.


To introduce yourself, clarify for the employer your reason for contacting them, elaborate on your most significant skills and experiences, and how you fulfill the qualifications that they are looking for. Think of your cover letter as a “sales pitch” on what you can contribute to the company/organization.


Check out this resource from Georgetown with a formatting guide and excellent tips! They also have excellent sample cover letters. Also below are some resources on writing the cover letter and some samples our office has created.

Videos on Preparing a Cover Letter

Crafting an Effective Cover Letter (Video)


  • Save your cover letter as a PDF file when attaching it to an email.
  • Focus on the positive, don’t apologize for skills you don’t have. Focusing on what makes you most qualified is most important. An interview is an appropriate place to address areas where you lack experience or qualifications, if it comes up.
  • Try to vary sentence openings—don’t start them all with “I.”
  • Emphasize your interest in the company and/or position. This is important to show the reader why you would like to work there. It’s ok to get personal about why you love the company or it’s mission!

Sample Cover Letters

Need help getting started with your cover letter? Use the Vault or review the cover letter template and samples below.