Biology Minor Advisement

Biology Minor

How to Add the Minor?

Students interested in adding a Biology Minor should fill out the Major Declaration/Change Form and deliver it to the Department Secretary, Ms. Lori Cornell in 103 Lennon Hall.;


A minimum of 18 credits, of which 10 credits must be at the 300/400-level.

Residency Requirements

Students declaring a minor in Biology must earn at least 9 credits of Biology courses at Brockport.

Course Requirements

Since no specific courses are designated, a variety of tracks are possible and it is important that students seek advisement with Dr. Fox when designing their academic plan.

Suggested Lower Level Courses Include

  • BIO111 Principles of Biology
  • BIO221 Survey of A&P
  • BIO201 General Biology I
  • BIO202 General Biology II
  • BIO281 Human Biology

Suggested Upper Level Courses Include:

  • BIO301 Cellular Biochemistry
  • BIO302 Genetics
  • BIO303 Ecology
  • BIO321 A&P I
  • BIO322 A&P II
  • BIO323 Microbiology
  • BIO333 Contemporary Issues in Life Science

Advisor Contact:

Dr. P. Michael Fox

Office: 205 Lennon Hall,
Phone: (585) 395-2904,